Malaysia’s First UX Conference

UX Malaysia 2013 is the first User Experience conference in Malaysia, initiated by Izwan Ismail. We are happy and proud to be part of the premier event.

The event was held at Microsoft Malaysia Office, KLCC, where 200 attendees participated in inspirational talks & practical workshops. For the first half of the event, we had 6 speakers from different countries to talk on topics concerning UX issues:

  • Hao Dinh, Innovation Leader at GE (U.S.)
  • Jonathan Hirsch, Experienced UX Consultant at (U.K.)
  • Bram Pitoyo, UX Designer at Mozilla (New Zealand)
  • Mike Lai , UX Strategist & Educator (China)
  • Benjamin Humphrey, UX Designer at Atlassian (Australia)
  • Yu-Hsiu, Senior UX Lead at Microsoft (China)

Below are the slide material presented during the conference:

Talk 1: Design Thinking by Hao Dinh

“Design Thinking + UX = Solution That Matter”

Talk 2: Rockstar UX by Jon Hirsch

“Design like you’re right, test like you’re wrong”

Talk 3: UX & Typography by Bram Pitoyo

“Different design for different country”

Talk 4: UX Strategy by Mike Lai

“Great UX is the responsibility of everyone in the organization”

Talk 5: Agile UX by Benjamin Humphrey

“Be human in your design”

Talk 6: Design as One by Yu-Hsiu

“People don’t resist change, they resist being changed”

During the second half of the event, we had 3 workshops & a panel discussion where all the experts came together to share their opinions on current UX trends & education:

  • User Testing workshop by Alvin Chai, CEO & Principal Consultant at Netizen Testing
  • Design Thinking workshop by Hao Dinh, Innovation Leader at GE
  • Information Architecture workshop by Jonathan Hirsch, UX Consultant at
User Testing workshop by Alvin Chai
Analysis of Remote Usability Testing in action!
Design Thinking workshop by Hao Dinh
Information Architecture workshop by Jonathan Hirsch
Panel Discussion (from left: Alvin, Jon, Bram, Bejamin, Mike & Izwan)

Bottom Line

We are all excited to be living in the middle of the age of digital revolution. It is changing how humans are living their lives. Specifically, it is changing the way we interact and communicate. We have conducted workshops in different countries, but we feel exceedingly excited and blessed for having the opportunity to empower the local UX community and international participants in Malaysia by sharing our knowledge.

Through our observation and conversations with delegates from Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore & the Philippines during the event, the UX awareness is certainly heating up in both Malaysia & the Southeast Asia region. Early this year we had UX conferences in Hong Kong & Singapore, followed by Taiwan and now the first one in Malaysia. The upcoming remarkable UX event will be the ‘User Friendly 2013’ conference in Shanghai, China, which is known as the most prestigious UX conference in Asia.

During UX Malaysia, we also met a lot of passionate UX believers, both experts and newbies. We see a huge potential in Asia as we still have a lot of work to do to make the digital landscape a better place for all of us, so that we can have meaningful interactions with businesses as well as individuals. Last but not least, we believe that everyone who attended the event felt as enthusiastic and encouraged as we did. A huge thanks to all participants, speakers and the organizing team for making this event a successful one.

For more photos, feel free to visit our Facebook album.

Author: Netizen

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